Projects to be undertaken includes:

Demonstration Farm
Our goal is to organize a demonstration farm along various sustainable agricultural practices so that subsistence farmers, urban/peri-urban communities and school children can see sustainable agriculture in action and take with them discreet, common sense solutions that are responsive to their needs.

Internet Cafe & Multimedia Center

Next is the establishment an internet cafe with full multimedia functions to serve the communities. An on-site Internet café will turn certain of our cost centers (i.e. broadband Internet access) into a profit center, while also providing an opportunity to sell the output of the farm to the public and generate further interest in the activities of the farm from walk-in and other local traffic.

Information & Documentation Center
Establishment of a resource/documentation center where, through the development of written materials and the use of audio visual techniques, simple messages will be documented and disseminated in the local area and spread abroad to draw attention to the farm’s activities, facilitate the exchange of vital information and disseminate knowledge and experiences to the whole of Africa and the world in general.

Some of the activities of the projects stated above would include:
• Innovative rooftop, hydroponic and container gardens demonstrating how to efficiently use small spaces
• Development of crop rotation, composting and manuring plans to revitalize soils naturally
• Preparation and application of natural or botanical pesticides for pests and disease management
• Training workshops and seminars will be organized for local communities and educational institutions
• Field trips and other educational programs will be organized to reach school children outside the local area
• Farm tourism, recreation activities and children’s holiday camp programs will be pursued

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