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   Lawrence Tsimese, The Fishermen Ministry, Africa

About Us

The Fishermen Ministry is a bible believing ministry started in 1974 by Richard D. Eutsler, Sr. along with Brother Neil Coleman who has long since gone to be with the Lord. Since then the Lord has led the ministry through many platforms of experiences and spiritual growth that has brought us to the stage in which we are reaching out to the nations beyond the borders of America. The African missions is our first major international outreach which we believe the Lord is leading us to. We are hoping to launch the mission in the West African countries of Ghana and Liberia. This mission would be spearheaded by brother Lawrence Tsimese who has been undergoing discipleship and ministerial training at various locations of the ministry in the USA for the past two years. He would be ably supported by brother James Kemokai, the ministry's christian worker already on the ground in Liberia.

Much like the Apostle Paul, the cornerstone of our inter-denominational message is FAITH in God’s Word, backed by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. As Paul well understood, Jesus Christ is our common Lord and Savior and His Word our final authority. And like believers of all generations, it brings us no greater joy than to fellowship and join forces with those of like precious faith.


James Kemokai is a member of the ministry in Liberia